Girls Who Bite

Ellen Heights wrote her story, Madeline, under an early title.

For bad girls looking for love . . . fangs are more than an accessory.

Reviews and praise for the Girls Who Bite anthology:

“GIRLS WHO BITE is one incredible read. I’d highly recommend this book to everyone straight, lesbian, bi, it doesn’t matter. There are stories here that you need to read and experience… And a final note regarding the editor Delilah Devlin. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say she is borderline genius for putting together this fantastic lineup of stories.”
~5 Paddles from BDSM Book Reviews

“…Absolutely Amazing! Packed with heat, sexuality, and darkness. This book deliveries on so many levels.”
~Rated: Rose that Rules All! Magnificent!, Romancing the Book

“…The ride between the covers of this fabulous book is a sexy, sensual journey you should not miss… GIRLS WHO BITE was put together incredibly well and all the stories, although each different, flowed together nicely and were very intriguing! This anthology had me wanting more and turned me on to a whole new genre!”
~4 Stars from Dirty Birdies

“…I hope that you’ll give this very hot, very fresh anthology a try, even if you’re not “into” girls. This will definitely give you a different perspective into the world of lesbian erotica and I’m glad I spent my first time with Ms. Devlin’s beautiful choices.
~5 Stars, Siren’s Songs Reviews

“…GIRLS WHO BITE is an extraordinary entertainment and highly recommended for adult reading lists.”
~5 Stars, Midwest Book Reviews

Buy it now!


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