REVIEW: First Taste, Paisley Smith (Ellora’s Cave Publishing)

Published August 2, 2012 by ellenheights

I’m all over Ellora’s Cave right now! I’ll be reviewing three other freebie stories of theirs, so do check back. I’ll also be selecting from some other delectable publishing venues, but hey…EC does have a huge selection, no?

First Taste by Paisley Smith was a sexy little short story about two girls hitting it off after a long time apart: one girl’s journey towards coming out of the closet and, most importantly, accepting herself.

I’m familiar with Paisley already because our work was featured together in Girls Who Bite, though I was writing under a different name then. Madeline was my first lesbian short story and, indeed, my first ever erotic piece. Getting published in that anthology was certainly my first taste (hah-hah!), and after some careful thinking I revisited romance and erotica to find that once I’d popped I couldn’t stop.

Incidentally, Madeline is also about a former lesbian couple who lost touch after becoming vampires. Lilly felt ashamed of her new affliction, where as feisty Maddie was all set to embrace her dark side. So naturally, when I saw what Paisley’s story was about (and that it was FREEEE!) I just had to check out her take on two girls rekindling their love.

Boy, did she make my story look vanilla!

Fast paced and oozing with ifs-but’s-and-“Oooh I don’t knooows!” Paisley delivers a convincing divorcee protagonist coming to terms with her true self.

But it wasn’t until I met the strap-on butt-o-meter (yep, she goes there! But it isn’t called that, I’m just being silly.) that things get really, really serious. Not only does Natalie have to face her fear of meeting Haley, then satisfying Haley, then confessing her love for Haley…But she has to take control of a male appendage too!

Then there’s bracing herself for what that colossal protrusion does to her. Natalie must find the confidence to satisfy Haley by methods never experienced before, making her a very brave and relatable lead for anyone who’s ever been afraid of uncharted sexual territory.

This was a quick, delightful bedtime read. I think Paisley did a great job of using erotica as a vehicle to explore the complications of sexuality, relationships and battling our inner demons. Fantabulousa!

…Yes, that is a word. Because I say it is, dag-nabbit! (I bet you never knew British girls spoke like that didya, huh?)


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