Dabbling in Orgies

Published July 23, 2012 by ellenheights

Tonight, whilst writing an erotica short story, I managed to pull my first orgy out the bag. It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t exactly expected, and it certainly wasn’t rehearsed. The story involved sexual discovery, awakening, and bisexual encounters.

Now hopefully the writing isn’t too hideous, or the characters too shallow despite the story’s purpose as, say, more of an exploration of sex and a delightful afternoon Ooo-er! than a wholesome character-driven piece. I will say one thing, though: writing orgies is like playing a very kinky game of chess.

The pieces were there, they had their places. But what about maneuvering? How does the writer eloquently describe the male’s shift from lady-lump duty to carpet cleaning? How does the writer describe ecstasy whilst illuminating the reader about the other character’s positions during? And what about climaxes, do they take it in turns? Does that spoil the mood for the reader?

If so, how to retain realism?

This got me thinking about real orgies, and how they work. In the real world I’m horribly vanilla – it’s just my mind’s in the gutter, that’s all. So it’s no use looking to my own personal experiences because, frankly, I’m running low on that front. But what do orgies actually serve, if not to run as a well-oiled machine? Think about it. Wouldn’t someone engaging in group sex be very, very disappointed if they expected it to run as swiftly, smoothly and above all timely the way it did in erotic stories?

How do orgy-goers in real life manage themselves during these encounters? I’d imagine a lot of patience and self-service is involved, if not a lot of giving. Not to mention very soft furnishings, wipes and a downstairs loo. None of these qualities sound very erotic to me,  I have to say, and after watching a few documentaries: Louis Theroux, Dawn Porter etc, it is clear to me that orgies are a little discomforting for some, possibly for those reasons. Awkwardness.

There must be a certain expectation and frame of mind an individual should be in before participating in these things, I think, if the documentaries are anything to go by. Disappointment and disillusionment led to bad experiences in some cases, hard feelings, embarrassment, the lot. Personally, the difference for me is probably fantasy and reality.

In my case, I’m a fantasist – very open minded when it comes to mental stimulation, but vanilla physically (at least so far). As a writer and avid reader, that makes a lot of sense to me. I’ve always been very stuck in my own mind. I guess that’s why, lately, I’ve been delving more into erotica and romance as a side-line to my usual writing under my real name. Fantasy is exciting for me, and I believe – or hope – I can make it exciting for others, just in the right context. I.E, the written word.

So what’s the appropriate approach to an orgy in the written form, in that case? Should writers stick to reality – chess pieces, patience, and awkwardness- or go for the full fantasy: unrealistic, but rewarding to the mind?

I think the latter is preferable, seeing as reading is for escapism more than anything else. However, I do like to inject realism into my writing wherever I can, so I aimed to include a little of that too. I guess it’s all in the execution.

Still, my written-orgy was an enjoyable experience, and there’s a first time for everything.

Just not in the real world, not for this chick. I was never very good at playing chess.


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